Oblique & Intercostals Injuries

6a00e5521cccd0883401901e49fe1f970b-320wiOblique strains and pulls and intercostals strains are injuries that you seldom saw or heard of fifteen to twenty years ago. The two injuries are different injuries; I think one mistake is to group them together. Now they are both a very common occurrence in baseball both in pitchers and hitters. If you look closely at the mechanism of the injuries based on the demands placed on the body in the activities that cause these injuries it is clear that both are force reduction injuries. They occur in deceleration of the trunk after a violent ballistic action of swinging a bat or throwing a pitch. Read more

Communication – Getting the Message Across

6a00e5521cccd0883401901e459b2b970b-320wiEffective coaching is about sending and receiving messages. Notice I said sending and receiving. It is a two way process. Effective messages are clear, on point and brief. The message should be conveyed with appropriate emotion and content that elicits the desired action or response. Words create images and images create action so select the words carefully to communicate the message you desire. Read more

Pay The Piper

There are no shortcuts, crash programs or quick fixes that will get you there faster. You will always have to pay the piper whether it is sooner or later. It is better to pay up front by being very thorough in the development process with a balanced program that builds a solid foundation. All components of fitness must be trained at all times of the training year and the career, just the proportion and emphasis changes with advancing training age and proficiency. Read more

Coaching Art and Science

Good effective coaching demands a careful blend of art AND science. It is not an either or proposition. Modern coaching necessitates that the coach have a sound foundation in sports science which means the coach is educated in sports science, but is not a sport scientist. You can learn the science in school or by reading, you can’t learn to coach in a classroom, online or in a book. You must get out and practice coaching. Read more

The Essence of Coaching

6a00e5521cccd088340192abf329b7970d-320wiCoaching is teaching, no one epitomized this more than John Wooden. Wooden always described his job as teacher, not coach. here is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talking about his coach, John Wooden. “He broke basketball down to its basic elements,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote in The New York Times in 2000. “He always told us basketball was a simple game, but his ability to make the game simple was part of his genius.” Read more

How to be an exercise guru

So you want to be a guru? Here are some helpful tips I have learned through observation of many of the well-known gurus in action. Read more

Hard Work

6a00e5521cccd088340192abf329b7970d-320wiIt is a given that to achieve any level of success in sport demands hard work. That being said anyone can work hard, the champions are the ones who work smart. They know how to balance the work in order to get full benefit from the time and effort in training. Some athletes and coaches make the choice to try to go hard all the time with the hope that they will survive. It is just that hope & hope does not win medals. Read more

My Parents

6a00e5521cccd088340192abe86df9970d-320wiOne of my cousins sent me this picture of my parents. They were special people. There is not a day a day that goes by that I do not think of them. My dad passed away 22 years this past week and my mom passed away 23 years ago. They made me who I am and for that I am so grateful. They were immigrants from the Italian Canton of Switzerland, Ticino. They came to this country not speaking a word of English and learned both English and Spanish. Neither had any significant education. Read more


As coaches we all do stuff. There is stuff all over the place. Much of the stuff of training is free on YouTube. I have learned over the years that some stuff is better than other stuff. As I look around me at other coaches I see them also doing stuff, some of their stuff looks like my stuff and some it is very different. I also know that some is junk and some stuff is precious. Does the stuff we do make a difference. Is your stuff better than my stuff? Read more

The GAIN Experience – The Faculty

6a00e5521cccd0883401910417ff23970c-320wiCalling it an experience is not meant as marketing hype or hyperbole. It is truly an experience in learning and discovery. It all starts with the faculty. From the inception of GAIN I have worked to have a faculty who are the best at what they do, who not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. They are not self-promoters and all over the Internet but they know their stuff and have produced results. I select faculty who are willing to share and can teach. Read more