Dean Benton’s water-based training module

Dean Benton, former national head of athletic performance at Rugby Australia, presents this programming module which explains both the theory and practice of water-based training, including sample programs and an exercise database.

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Topics Covered

Understanding water-based training
  • Background and concepts
  • Methods
  • Equipment
  • Planning and programming
Applying water-based training
  • Sample program: novice
  • Sample program: intermediate
  • Sample program: mid-stage return to play
  • Sample program: 2-3 days post-injury
Exercise database
  • Exercise video library
  • Exercise prescription recommendations

Background and concepts

Water-based training has been used extensively for many years in the preparation for athletes. This may be for:

  • Conditioning – to supplement training that cannot be completed in traditional sense due to injury, disability or severe environmental conditions (heat or cold);
  • Rehabilitation returning from injury – the use of water to progressively reload soft tissue or joint injuries;
  • Reconditioning returning from injury – as a modality restore physiological qualities back to pre-injury levels; or
  • Recovery from training and competition – to elicit mild aerobic stress and the use of water’s hydrostatic pressure properties for active recovery.

Water-based training is a very effective modality to bridge gaps in an athlete’s training programme that cannot be filled with orthodox running modalities due short-term injury, a compromised joint or permanent disability. The unique benefits it provides include:

  • The ability to simulate speed, power and endurance that may not be possible, or functional with other modalities due to circumstances
  • Allows athletes to supplement their broader training program, which otherwise would potentially see their long-term performances compromised
  • Overweight individuals can undertake a rigorous program in a safe, friendly environment without fear of social comments or stares
  • Reduced impact on the musculoskeletal system
  • Water has a massaging effect, which assists with recovery
  • Water Based Training enables athletes remotely to maintain their training program wherever a pool is available


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