Upcoming Events

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have no in-person events planned for 2020. However we continue to participate in virtual events, including the GAIN Master Class Series.

GAIN Master Class Series

Date: Monthly digital events from May 2020 to May 2021

Location: Online

Registration: At thegainnetwork.com

More information: Vern Gambetta’s flagship GAIN event has moved digital this year. Every month we put together a new keynote lecture, interactive panel discussion, and practical video demonstrations for subscribers. Additionally, we host monthly hangouts to network and exchange ideas.

Previous Events

  • 2019: Loughborough, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Magglingen, Rome, Stuttgart
  • 2018: Leuven, Houston, Berlin, Magglingen, Lisbon, Cologne
  • 2017: Houston, London, Lausanne, Glasgow, Formia
  • 2016: Los Angeles, Magglingen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Northampton, Limerick, Portland
  • 2015: Zurich, London, Minneapolis, Dietlikon
  • 2014: St. Gallen, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Seattle, Nashville
  • 2013: Glasgow
  • 2011: Loughborough, Tenero