GAIN Video 14: Embracing shapes and manipulation (with Grace Golden)

HMMR Members get exclusive access to the August 2020 GAIN Master Class event, where Grace Golden looks at how to embrace shapes and manipulate shapes to achieve repetition without repetition on the rehabilitation setting. The 83 minute video includes her keynote presentation, video examples, and a expert panel discussion with guests Bill Knowles, Vern Gambetta, Steve Myrland, and Tracy Fober.

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Topics Covered

Embracing shaps and manipulation in rehabilitation

46 minutes

  • Introduction
  • Repetition without repetition
  • The concept of “shapes”
  • Breaking the rules
  • Manipulation of shapes, including practical examples
  • Truths
Panel discussion with Grace Golden, Bill Knowles, Vern Gambetta, Steve Myrland, and Tracy Fober

37 minutes

  • Getting past the rules
  • “High touch” coaching
  • Coming back stronger from injury
  • Additional Q&A


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