GAIN Video 15: Good coaching – bad coaching (with Wade Gilbert)

What does good coaching look like? Professor Wade Gilbert has spent his career studying the topic. In this 74 minute video he breaks down how good coaches operate at different times of the season, with practical examples to improve your own coaching.

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Topics Covered

Good coaching: pre-season and in season

48 minutes

  • What is good coaching
  • Moments of coaching
  • Pre season: vision and vision meetings
  • Preseason: core values
  • Preseason: behavior standards
  • In season: principles of athlete learning
  • In season: motivation
  • In season: feedback
  • In season: practice design
  • In season: competition coaching
Good coaching: end of season and offseason

26 minutes

  • End of season: program evaluation
  • End of season: coach evaluation
  • End of season: closure and rituals
  • End of season: last practice
  • Off season: coach wellness
  • Off season: ongoing learning


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