January 2018 Hangout: Developing a testing framework

For the January 2018 Hangout, we looked at a case study in developing a testing framework. Guests Vern Gambetta and James de Lacey (Austin Elite Rugby) gave their input on how to update a testing system in place for an amateur rugby, including practical suggestions for improving it and ideas on how to get club buy-in for the new approach. Topics included:

  • Defining the purpose of the test, and how that differs at different levels.
  • The role of testing in motivating and orienting athletes.
  • Ranking athletes vs. defining benchmarks.
  • How to define benchmarks.
  • The order of tests in a testing framework.
  • Practical ideas for testing speed.
  • Practical ideas for testing jumps.
  • Practical ideas for testing fitness/endurance.
  • Practical ideas for testing “core” strength.
  • Getting coaching buy-in to testing, and where to give and take.
  • Technology:defining speed bands with GPS and using the 1080 quantum and 1080 sprint for testing.


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