Lesson 11: Understanding Stress and Adaptation

In this lesson instructors John Kiely and Martin Bingisser propose a new model for understanding stress and adaptation. After breaking down the traditional understanding and outlining modern advances in science, they propose a useful paradigm through which coaches can understand the complex influences on the individual adaptive response.

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Topics Covered

Part 1: Stress models

35 minutes

  • Understanding Hans Seyle and the classical model of stress response
  • Criticism of the General Adaptation Syndrome
  • Recent research in stress and the new model of stress response
  • Allostasis vs. homeostasis

Part 2: The 6 filters of adaptation

48 minutes

  • The 6 major influences on adaptive response
  • Strategies coaches can use to help focus adaptive resources
  • The latest research on emotions and the role of stress in training response


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