Lesson 15: Hip lock

In this 24-minute lesson, Frans Bosch and Leigh Egger put hip lock training in context. Hip lock is one of the key movement attractors Bosch explains in his book Strength Training and Coordination: An Integrative Approach. In this discussion he puts some context around the concept by explaining what it is, how address it in training, as well as walking through some sample exercises.

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Topics Covered

Part 1: Understanding hip lock

7 minutes

  • What is hip lock?
  • How hip lock is created.
  • How hip lock fits into human movement.
  • Transferring hip lock between movements.
Part 2: Implementing hip lock

14 minutes

  • How to introduce hip lock into training.
  • Examples of hip lock exercises, including coaching points.
  • Ways to add variety to exercises and progress hip lock training.
  • Examples of how hip lock transfers back to the field of play.
  • The role of hip lock training in force reduction, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation.


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