Lesson 20: Rethinking core training (with Leigh Egger)

In this 29-minute lesson, physiotherapist and athletic development coach Leigh Egger explains cocontractions and shares some sample core exercises that try to rethink traditional core exercises by integrating new concepts. Egger breaks down each exercise and the coaching points he uses to explain how they work and what we can learn from them.

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Topics Covered


5 minutes

  • Understanding cocontractions
  • The role of cocontractions in movement
  • Optimal muscle length
  • Examples of cocontractions
Examples of rethinking core training

24 minutes

  • Example 1: straddle plate rotate and press
  • Example 2: band switch rotations
  • Example 3: single leg cat arch
  • Cocontractions in context.
  • Discussion of thoracic extension and rotation.
  • Progressing each exercise


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