Lesson 24: Mobility sets (with Steve Myrland and Joe Przytula)

In this 30-minute practical demonstration, coaches Steve Myrland and Joe Przytula share four collections of movements with the goal being an improvement in short and long term functional joint range of motion. All three show examples of how movements can be combined to work towards mobility goals.

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Topics Covered

Finishing sets (with Steve Myrland)

18 minutes

  • Ground-based finishing set
  • Standing finishing set
Thoracic spine arm drivers (with Joe Przytula)

8 minutes

  • Type 1 and Type 2 arm drivers
  • Coupled movements focus: external focus in detail
  • Progressions with sticks and lunges
Single hurdle hip mobility (with Steve Myrland)

4 minutes

  • Lateral, forward, and backward movement progressions


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