Lesson 35: Rethinking strength and power (with Wil Fleming)

In this 55-minute video presentation, weightlifting coach Wil Fleming shares his strategies on rethinking strength and power training, including detailed discussions on implementing variations of weightlifting, and strength training strategies. This presentation was recorded live as part of the HMMR Forum 2023.

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Topics Covered


13 minutes

  • Background
  • Defining strength and power
  • Classic strength and power
Rethinking power training

22 minutes

  • Getting vertical in weightlifting
  • Understanding weightlifting variations
  • Muscle snatch
  • Non-weightlifting power movements
Rethinking strength training

14 minutes

  • Eccentric training
  • Cluster sets
  • Isometric training
  • Velocity-based training

7 minutes


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