Lesson 38: Individualizing hammer throw technique

In this 60-minute video roundtable discussions, HMMR Media founder Martin Bingisser is joined by Dan Lange (coach of 1996 Olympic Champion Balazs Kiss) and US hammer thrower champions Kibwé Johnson and Kevin McMahon to look at individualizing technique, how posture and tension can be adapted, finding connection, and the processes of finding the best solutions for an athlete. This presentation was recorded live as part of the HMMR Forum 2023 and also includes a full written transcript of the discussion.

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Topics Covered

  • Technical essentials and understanding cause and effect
  • Changing the approach for beginners
  • Posture and developing feeling
  • Tension
  • The winds and entry
  • Finding the first impulse and connection
  • Throwing the weight like the hammer
  • Q&A: Conceptualising the catch position
  • Q&A: Training the weight throw


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