Lesson 39: Coaching the orbit in the hammer throw (with Kibwé Johnson)

In this 48-minute video lesson, Olympic finalist Kibwé Johsnon explains how to coach the orbit in the hammer throw, including the five general keys to his coaching and technical framework. This presentation was recorded live as part of the HMMR Forum 2023 and also includes a full written transcript of the discussion.

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Topics Covered


25 minutes

  • Introduction and setting the scene
  • Key #1: Understanding the optimal orbit
  • Key #2: Assessing athletes abilities
  • Key #3: Tailoring coaching techniques
  • Key #4: Communication and feedback
  • Key #5: Adapting to athlete progress

23 minutes

  • Practical: Video review
  • Practical: What to look for in a throw
  • Practical: challenges and solutions
  • Conclusions
  • Q&A


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