October 2018 Hangout: Ice hockey coaching consultation

In this month’s hangout we try to tackle a specific member question. Swiss hockey coach Thomas Zamboni is looking for ideas on how to plan in-season. His team faces three games a week, which can make it hard to find the right mix or training and recovery to not only maintain, but hopefully improve form over the season. Hockey experts Dan Noble and Steve Myrland join Martin and Nick to brainstorm some ideas to confront these demands. Topics included:

  • An introduction to Swiss hockey and the in-season demands.
  • Diagnosing the team’s situation and current in-season training focus and cycles
  • Athlete monitoring and developing team buy-in
  • Setting up in-season microcycles
  • Developing player buy-in
  • Finding the right order of training
  • Instilling a professional mindset and ideas on bringing the team together to understand how training will help their performance
  • Warm ups, progressing warm ups, low-impact plyometrics, and other training method ideas from Dan Noble
  • Aquabags, creating robust athletes, and utilizing movement puzzles
  • Ideas from Nick on building microcycles during standard weeks, and off weeks


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