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GAINcast endurance series

Our four-part series on the GAINcast took an in depth look at endurance training. GAINcast 91 looked at endurance methods and concepts. GAINcast 92 looked at athletic development for endurance athletes. GAINcast 95 looked at endurance planning. And GAINcast 99 looked at fitness and endurance training for team sports.

Methods and training

Stephen Seiler provided some insight on training methods, intervals, and polarized training on GAINcast 104.

Carrie Lane has coached both endurance sports and Olympic throwers. She has written in detail about why runners need to lift, lifting methods for runnerscreating a strength plan, and sprint training for endurance athletes. We also interviewed Lane on Episode 51 to discuss lifting for endurance athletes.

Don’t forget mechanics

Mechincs and efficiency are important in all forms of running. Vern Gambetta has a three-part look at the running mechanics: part 1, part 2, and part 3. We also look at the science of running.

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