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Robust running for rugby

The concepts of Frans Bosch have made a big impact on rugby. We interviewed him and have analyzed his book.

In addition, Fiji rugby coach John Pryor explained how he used these concepts in training. He also put together a webinar walking through some sample exercises, joined our podcast, explained his approach to finding transfer, and adapting to team culture, and a review of the 2015 World Cup preparations.

Talking shop with leading coaches

Former English rugby head of sports science Mark Bennett has been on our podcast, as well as former England Rugby coaches and World Rugby’s . We’ve also gotten the head coach’s perspective with England Rugby’s .

Waratahs Rugby coach Nick Lumley to discuss building endurance, simple planning solutions, and . James de Lacey of Romanian Rugby has looked at preseason planning, rethinking physical preparation. Melbourne Storm performance director has looked at their team collaboration and session design.

Specific strength and speed for field sports

Do field sports need specific strength exercises? This is a topic we have looked at in depth on the site and GAINcast. Also learn how to create and implement specific strength exercises.

Matt Rhea‘s also explains his data-driven approach to speed training that has revolutionized collegiate football.

NFL expertise

Hear from NFL strength and conditioning coaches. Tom Myslinski of the Jacksonville Jaguars sat down for an extended interview. Buddy Morris of the Arizona Cardinals has also joined the podcast to discuss his approach to training and the challenges of NFL coaching, as has private practitioner Shawn Myszka, and NFL coach Josh Hingst.

Planning for complex sports

Soccer has been at the forefront of revolutionizing periodization for team sports. Dave Tenney, formerly of the Seattle Sounders FC has discussed both tactical periodization and specificity in soccer. Bill Knowles of the Philadelphia Union discusses his approach to athletic development and Dave Reddin discusses transitioning from work in rugby to the FA.

Adapting Bondarchuk methods

We break down Anatoliy Bondarchuk and his periodization method, as well as how it could be adapted to team sports.

Speed Development

Check out our sprinting topic page for more detailed resources about sprint mechanics and training.

Speed in team and field sports has slightly different requirements which demand different methods across codesDean Benton outlines his framework for speed development for team sports and game speedJonas Dodoo also looks at putting speed in context and Matt Rhea looks at a data-driven approach to speed.

In addition we share some lessons on team speed, training speed in a large group setting, and even off-ice speed training for on-ice performance by Xavier Roy.

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