Garcia Performance

Garcia Performance offers performance solutions for athletes of any level. From beginners to world-class athletes, we build athletes for long-term success.

Our Philosophy: Toenails to fingernails. Training is not just about getting stronger, it is about getting the body to work together. Through better coordination and athleticism, athletes can produce more on the field, and stay healthier throughout the process.

Our Method: Our structured approach builds a foundation for athletes that sets them up for future success. No matter the athlete’s level, a solid foundation is needed to build upon.

Our Facilities: In our custom 3,600 square foot facility, athletes have access to everything they need.

About Nick

Nick Garcia is the head strength and conditioning coach and throwing coach at Notre Dame High School in California where he has helped produce champions across a dozen sports since 2003. He is also co-host of the HMMR Podcast.

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Services and pricing

  • Athletic development

    Expert-led sport-specific training sessions.

  • Throws coaching

    Improve your shot put or discus technique with 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

  • Training plan design

    Don’t live in Los Angeles? We can design and deliver a program through our app.

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Nick is the best High School S&C Coach I have ever met. His depth of knowledge and scientific approach to success are second to none. This is reflected in the fact that collegiate and international level coaches regularly reach out to him regarding training systems and his latest findings. Any person with the chance to work with Nick is a fortunate and should take advantage of the opportunity.

I’ve known Nick for over 15 years. Throughout his career as a collegiate athlete and, now, as a coach, he’s had an insatiable thirst for knowledge that’s driven him around the country and the world for answers. His success developing athletes from multiple sports at the high school level puts him in the elite category of coaching. And he’s always been willing to share that information and make suggestions for my own training.

Performance requires a foundation of strength athleticism. Strength is easy to build; athleticisim is harder. Nick’s system builds both better than anyone I’ve worked with. If you put in the time, he’ll help you compete.


Pricing for training or throws sessions are $75 for 1 session or $225 per month (4 sessions). Training plans are also included for athletes that sign up monthly.

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