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Hear from the world’s best throwers

Read detailed interviews with former world record holder Jüri Tamm (and again from Tamm), Olympic champions Primoz Kozmus and Szymon Ziolkowski, US champions Kevin McMahon and Ed Burke, Olympic finalist Marcel Lomnicky, and German champion Kathrin Klaas.

Key training methods for the hammer

Watch and learn essential hammer throw special strength exercises, rethinking drills for the hammer throw, and the benefits of training at various speeds. We also share some ideas about rethinking drills for the hammer throw.

Breaking down technique

Learn what makes the hammer unique and watch videos about how to stay low and increasing double support. Elite throwers Sergej Litvinov discuss learning how the ball moves, accelerating the hammer, and understanding the orbit. And hear world-class coaches analyze world class throwers.

Interviews with shot putters and coaches

Jean-Pierre Egger discusses the training of Werner Günthör and Valerie Adams. We also discuss his technical philosophy. Don Babbitt explains how he individualizes training and the spin vs. the glide. Dale Stevenson discusses technique and peaking. Top youth coach Nick Garcia also shares his experiences, and discusses how throwers can find their own technical style. Martin Bingisser has also looked at the evolution of shot put technique.

Olympic champion Adam Nelson reflects on a career of learning. Justin Rodhe details his transition from small school champion to Olympian.

Training methods

Learn specific strength exercises for the shot put.

Input from the top of the podium

Coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson explains how he guided Gerd Kanter to Olympic gold. Coach an former Olympic champion Mac Wilkins also discusses discus technique and training methods.

Former Dutch champion and Olympic finalist Eric Cadee explains what led him to adapt an unconventional and innovative discus technique.

Training ideas and methods for javelin

Watch video of specific strength exercises for the javelin from Irish record holder and World Championship finalist Terry McHugh. Learn how the use of multiple implements can provide a boost to throwers.

Tips for all throwers

Hear from world-class throwing and lifting coaches on how to use Olympic lifting for throwers. Coaching legend Jerry Clayton also discusses his philosophy for teaching technique for all field events.

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Throwing Coaches

Top colleges coaches Don Babbitt on Episode 116 and Episode 170, Dave Dumble on Episode 215, Justin St. Claire on Episode 105, Jerry Clayton on GAINcast 86, Greg Watson on Episode 64, Dan Lange on Episode 148, John Frazier on Episode 179, and Dave Wollman on Episode 44. German national coach René Sack on Episode 79, Episode 136 and Episode 211, New Zealand throwing coach Dale Stevenson on Episode 66 and Episode 121, Jamaica’s Julian Robinson on Episode 155 and Sweden’s Mattias Jons on Episode 185 . Top high school coaches Tony Ciarelli joined us on Episode 28 and Bill Pendleton on Episode 57.

World-Class Throwers

We’ve also had on Olympic shot put champion Adam Nelson on Episode 42 and Episode 195, world champions Reese Hoffa on Episode 98, Joe Kovacs on Episode 208, and John Godina on Episode 46. Olympic hammer champion Szymon Ziolkowski on Episode 122 and Episode 195. US hammer throw champions Kevin McMahon on Episode 9 and Episode 192 and Kibwé Johnson on Episode 70. Commonwealth Games discus champion Benn Harradine on Episode 26, Aretha Thurmond on Episode 166, and former American record holder Suzy Powell-Roos on Episode 214. In the javelin European champion Steve Backley was on GAINcast 156 and Olympic medalist Goldie Sayers on GAINcast 106.

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