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Our sports science writer Craig Pickering brings an athlete’s and coach’s mindset to the field. For an introduction to sports science, read his series on understanding science for coaches, what makes for good research, critical elements for effective sports science, and becoming an better consumer of sports science. For more from Pickering browse topics below from the Sports Science Monthly or read his complete archive of articles.

Fitting sports science into the performance team can also be challenging. Physiologist Steve Ingham shares his experience on supporting champions and Peter Vint shares advice on creating a performance team. Ola Eriksrud also discusses implementing better testing.

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Sports Science Monthly

Sports Science Monthly is HMMR Media’s monthly round up of the latest research in sports science. Craig Pickering breaks down the leading journals to provide coaches with a comprehensive overview in practical terms for HMMR Plus members. You can browse past editions by topic or month.

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