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Sprint mechanics

Vern Gambetta put together a three-part series outlining the mechanics of sprinting: part one, part two, and part threeBrian FitzGerald also broke down some myths on sprint mechanics. Martin Bingisser gives a look at teaching acceleration mechanics and better speed through posture. James Marshall looks at coaching speed for children, which was also covered in GAINcast 211.

Professor Peter Weyand has discussed the difference makers in sprint mechanics. His colleague Professor Ken Clark has discussed both the biomechanics behind linear speed and multi-directional speed.

PJ Vazel also provides a detailed race breakdown of 2020 Olympic 100-meter sprints.

Training speed

GAINcast 212 gives a great overview of speed training from Vern Gambetta. He’s also outlined the essential elements of speed, and we’ve discussed what sprint coaches can teach us about speed training.

Top youth sprint coach Joe McNab explains how to get kids fast. World-class speed coach Jonas Tawiah-Dodoo looks at individualizing speed training for different athletes and sportsCarrie Lane looks at sprint training for endurance athletes.

Vern Gambetta has also explained speedwhat an initial speed session should look likebest practices in training speed, and resisted and assisted training methodsJB Morin gave an update on force/velocity profiling and specific strength for sprinting.

Coach Pat Connolly discussed the training philosophy behind 100-meter world record holder Evelyn Ashford in our detailed interview. Gary Winckler walks through the methods and exercise selection that have produced his record setting hurdlers and sprinters.

Team speed

Speed in team and field sports has slightly different requirements which demand different methods across codes. Dean Benton outlines his framework for speed development for team sports and game speed. Jonas Dodoo also looks at putting speed in context and Matt Rhea shares a data-driven approach to game speed. In addition we share some lessons on team speed, training speed in a large group setting, and even off-ice speed training for on-ice performance by Xavier Roy.

Hamstring injuries

Craig Pickering looks at some of the science including the role of genetics in reducing hamstring injuries and the importance of sprinting in rehabilitation, while Warren Young looks at sprinting as a means to prevent injury. Physiotherapist Donie Fox provides a survival guide to hamstring injuries. We also have Young’s look at rethinking hamstring function, strength, and injuries and Dean Benton’s systems approach to hamstring injuries.

Jumping and plyometrics

Elite jumping coaches have also joined our podcast including all-around jumps coaches Jeremy Fischer and Boo Schexnayder, high jump specialist Fuzz Caan, and pole vault guru Herbert Czingon.

We discussed jumping progressions and plyometrics on Episode 88 of the podcast. Our webinar also provides examples of jumping circuits.

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