HMMR Classroom Lesson 1: The Basics


In this e-course instructors Martin Bingisser and Nick Garcia provide over 90 minutes of video to introduce students to the basics of transfer of training, special strength, and periodization, as well as answer your questions about the topics.

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Topics Covered

Part 1: Transfer of Training
45 Minutes

  • The Basics of Transfer of Training
  • Exercise Classification Methods
  • Examples of Specific Strength Exercises
  • Tips on Selecting Exercises
  • Implementing Specific Strength in Your Training Plan

Part 2: Periodization
50 Minutes

  • The Basics of Periodization
  • A Historical Look at Periodization
  • Comparison of Classical Periodization, Block Periodization, and Complex Periodization
  • Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk’s Periodization Method
  • Implementing Bondarchuk’s Method

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