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Rethinking knee injuries in female athletes

A growing and unacceptable disparity between male and female athletes—worldwide—is the disproportionately higher numbers of serious knee injuries suffered by female athletes relative to males. The only good news associated with this reality has been the extraordinary progress made in orthopaedic surgery in repairing damaged knees. New techniques, tools and procedures represent genuine improvements in the way we respond to ruptured ACL’s. But why, from a coaching standpoint, have we failed so completely to match the progress in repairing injured knees with similar progress in preventing injuries from happening in the first place?

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GAINcast Episode 274: Lessons learned

We take a look at some current events and current happenings in our own training to reflect on some lessons learned on this week’s GAINcast. To start with we debrief the USWNT’s disappointing performance at the World Cup, before sharing lessons on how to best draw parallels from past experiences to working with new sports, including some examples from new sports we’ve been introduced to in the last year.

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GAINcast Episode 273: The ACL

The start of the recent women’s World Cup in soccer has turned focus to the rash of ACL injuries in the sport, and the particular impact it has had on female players. On this week’s GAINcast Vern looks at the structure of the knee, risk factors for injuries, and what coaches can do to help reverse trends for women and men.

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