An effective training program demands constant trade-offs. Every component of training cannot receive equal emphases. If one component is emphasized then another must be de-emphasized. Good training is often compared to a mosaic but in my mind that is much too static, it is more like a kaleidoscope, ever changing in a state of dynamic equilibrium. Read more

Nurturing The Athlete

An athlete’s development is an organic process. It takes time and timing of the appropriate stimuli for the level of the athlete’s stage of development. My father was a gardener and I remember the first time he took me to work with him, I was probably ten or eleven years old. As any youngster, I was impatient and full of questions. I wanted to know why this patch of garden had no plants. Read more

What Are You Really Doing?

Is what you are doing making your athletes better or is it just making them tired and predisposing them to injury? I have asked this question numerous times in this blog. I keep asking it because I see more highly specific work being done without the commensurate return in results and an alarming rise in training related or training caused injuries. The current trend is to be more sport specific in training. I get it to a point, but there are definite perils and pitfalls of uber specificity. You must ask yourself if you trying to be too sport specific? Read more

Vern Gambetta


  • Evidence Based = Research
  • Practice Based = Experience
  • Effective coaching demands a blend of the two, the art and the science. The ultimate measure is reproducible results by resilient adaptable athletes in the competitive arena.


  • The basics are the essential foundation of performance at any level of sport. Read more

GAINcast Episode 5: Context and Progression

Two essential elements of training are context and progression. Context establishes the nature of the relationship of the various components of training within the system. And progression, in its simplest form moves the workload from simple to complex, easy to hard and general to specific. On this episode of the GAINcast Vern talks about how context and progression can be properly integrated in training. Read more

What is High Performance?

Everywhere I turn I see programs labeled high performance. Most of what I have seen of these programs is far from high performance. High performance is more than a name or label it implies working at the tip of the development pyramid, the best of the best and figuring out what you have to do to make them better. Read more

Vern Sitting


It is my experience that consistency is rewarded over spectacular. Spectacular will get you on ESPN weekly highlights but consistency wins championships. It is the athlete who shows up for every training session with their head in the training will perform at a consistent level and rise to the occasion when necessary. Read more

GAINcast Episode 4: Periodization and Planning

Periodization is just a fancy word for planning and creating a good plan should be central to any coach’s approach. It is something that effective coaches have done forever. On this week’s episode Vern dives into the topic of periodization and planning. Read more

On Speed

Words of wisdom on speed from Gennadi Touretski, although written for swimming this applies to all sports “Speed is everything. Read more