GAINcast Episode 2: Train Movements Not Muscles

Vern has a few quotes he is famous for, and perhaps none more so than telling coaches to “Train movements, not muscles.” This is one of the foundations of his philosophy and it helps to take a step back and look at why it is so important. Therefore on the question we address on this episode of the GAINcast is:

This Episode’s Question: Why is it so important to train movements instead of muscles? And how do we do that?

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The Babe Ruth Effect

Recently, I came across this exquisite investment article which discusses a phenomena called the Babe Ruth Effect and its application to financial portfolio management. The central takeaway from the article — “that the frequency of correctness does not matter; it is the magnitude of correctness that matters” — hit me like a lightning bolt of truth. The statement awakened a clarity about a variety of elements related to track and field, including training, coaching, as well the industry of the sport itself. What follows is my attempt to inspect how and why we could apply the mental model of the Babe Ruth Effect to these areas. Read more

GAINcast Episode 1: The Journey Continues

Vern Gambetta is embarking on his 46th year of coaching. And with the new year comes a new adventure. We are happy to announce our second podcast here on HMMR Media: the GAINcast where each episode Vern will tackle one question from the world of athletic development. Read more

Some Food for Thought

  • Specialize in being a generalist. Read more
Vern Sitting

Rules to Travel the Functional Path

  • Have a Plan, Execute It & Continually Evaluate & Adjust It Read more

Words of Wisdom, Volume 9

With the holiday season here I am in a bit of a philosophical mood. So for this Words of Wisdom post I decided take a look at a few quotes that get to a key point at the heart of my own training philosophy. Read more

Vern Gambetta

Key Abilities – Stayability

Stayability – You might call this perseverance. Sticking with it through thick and thin. Staying the course. Read more

Key Abilities – Availability

Availability – Former NFL coach Tony Dungy has said that the most important ability for an athlete is availability. 40 years before Tony Dungy I learned that in 1964 from Jimmy Fugisaka, our equipment manager at Fresno State. Read more

Key Abilities – Dependability

Dependability – The athlete is dependable. They are always there when you need them. You trust the athlete to go ahead and take ownership and command when necessary. Read more

Key Abilities

For an athlete to be successful there are certain key abilities that go beyond physical abilities. These abilities are in some ways intangible, however they are quite observable over time and they go a long way to determining the athletes chances at being successful. Remember though there are no guarantees. These abilities must be turned into action. Read more