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My 2015 Books of the Year

As regular readers of this blog you know I am a voracious reader. This year so far (The year is not done yet) I have read 123 books. If I am not on plane traveling or coaching I am usually reading. This is a habit instilled in me by my mother with weekly trips to the library when I was just starting to read. My interests are quite eclectic as you can see by my list. They appear in rank order but after the first three they are pretty much equal. Read more

Words of Wisdom, Volume 8

Our jobs would be a lot easier if we could just copy and paste training programs for our athletes. But that is rarely what works to produce results, as Nick and I discussed on the HMMR Media Podcast last month. It also is boring; a robot can copy and paste results after all. What makes coaching so fun and interesting is that it is challenging. In this Words of Wisdom I bring together some quotes I have come across recently that demonstrate the importance of finding your own unique solution as a coach, and a unique solution for your athletes. Read more

Bondarchuk on Long-Term Development

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This month I will be posting about three new books from Bondarchuk. Even though he just turned 75, he has been as busy writing as ever. The first book I will cover is Champion School: A Year to Year Model for Developing Elite Athletes. With the help of Dr. Michael Yessis, who also translated Bondarchuk’s successful Transfer of Training series, he turns his attention to the big picture of long-term development. Read more