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The trilogy continues

For good reason, the first two volume’s of Anatoliy Bondarchuk’s Transfer of Training series have become classics in the world of sports training. By trying to better define how improvements in different exercises translate to performance in track and field events (and beyond), Bondarchuk has helped coaches shine a critical light on whether or not their training is truly helping their athletes get better. Weight room numbers might be going up, but at the end of the day what really matters is whether an athlete improves at their sport.  A decade ago the word transfer was rarely used; the fact that it is now thrown around in nearly every sport is a testament to the impact of Bondarchuk’s work. Read more

My Favorite Books for 2017

Below is a list of the books that I most enjoyed in 2017. It is a varied list. It should be noted that i did not include any fiction, not that I did not have any favorites I just thought the readers would be interested in the non-fiction choices. So far in 2017 I have read 136 books and I am currently reading five of which I will probably finish three before the end of the year. I love to read, I read as a hobby and I read to learn. When I read I just follow my muse and let it take to varied subjects and topics although as you can see by the list I probably come most often to history and biography. Please note I do hyperlink the books to Amazon or any other book seller because I feel that would be profiting from love and passion for reading learning. Read and enjoy! Read more

HMMR Podcast 132: Leadership

We might think of coaching as being different than leadership, but the simple fact is that good coaches are good leaders. Being a good leader allows coaches to get the most out of their athletes and makes their whole team more than a sum of its parts. On this episode of the podcast we what makes a good leader, discuss our latest readings on leadership, and share examples of good and bad leadership from our own experiences. Read more

GAINcast Episode 87: What We’re Reading

Listeners often ask what books are on our shelf, so on this week’s episode we discuss what books we have read recently and what coaches can take away from them. We cover more than 20 titles that will be sure to add a few new books to your reading list. Read more

Some Additions to My 2016 Books of the Year

In my list last week I omitted the History and Fiction. In my opinion there are no better than Michael Connelly and James Lee Burke. Close behind in a similar genre is Walter Mosley. All three can paint some amazing word pictures. As an aside my final count for books read in 2016 was 156. Read more

Turn The Right

Last week I reviewed Bondarchuk’s latest book on long-term development. By my count Bondarchuk has now published 8 books in English as well as 6 limited release booklets. He has written about topics from transfer of training to strength training to long term development. He also just released the final volume of his periodization series. But there is one topic that has been missing so far from his bibliography: throwing. Read more

Everybody Loves the Ball and Chain

My new book, The Ball and Chain has been out for two months now and the reviews are starting to come in. Check out some of the feedback we’ve been getting below and get your copy now. Read more

Bondarchuk on Long-Term Development

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This month I will be posting about three new books from Bondarchuk. Even though he just turned 75, he has been as busy writing as ever. The first book I will cover is Champion School: A Year to Year Model for Developing Elite Athletes. With the help of Dr. Michael Yessis, who also translated Bondarchuk’s successful Transfer of Training series, he turns his attention to the big picture of long-term development. Read more

Episode 5: Antifragile (with Steve Magness)

Last month’s post on the book Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Taleb was a surprising hit considering the book is three years old. Taleb covers a range of topics in the book from finance to medicine and risk, but the concept of antifragile can be used my anyone, coach’s included. Read more

What Power Athletes Can Learn from Distance Runners

“When we start out, the fundamentals and basics are necessary to give us a base of support, not unlike a base in running. It’s why learning about the X’s and O’s of coaching, the science behind it, and the history of great coaches cannot be skipped. But as we grow as coaches, the innovations in training shifts to seeing patterns in ideas that may not come directly from our specific discipline.”

Steve Magness, author of the Science of Running

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