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Champion’s choice: know yourself

Know yourself, define yourself. Own the process. Do it for yourself, not for others. Read more

Champion’s choice: know the way

Becoming a champion is a journey. Just like any journey you need a current map and a working compass to guide you. Read more

Champion’s choice: essentialism

Champions are essentialists! They know what they need to do and then they set out to do what is necessary, no more, no less. No doubt there are a thousand thing that they could do, but they chose a laser focus on the need to do things that will advance them toward their goal. They also realize that that there are always tradeoffs, in many cases this means you can’t do that. Read more

Good or great – your choice

It is always interesting to see how great teams and great athletes always find a way to prevail. They can be banged up, tired and off their game and yet they still perform at a high level. To me that is a crucial difference between good and great. Read more

The athlete’s growth process – making the champion’s choice

The athlete’s growth process is by no means linear or clearly defined. In my experience there are three steps of indeterminate length: Read more