The Crows

crowCrows are attracted to shining objects. Are you a crow? Are you immediately attracted to shining objects? Read more

Crucial Questions

These are basic questions every coach should ask on an ongoing basis as a check to make sure training is on target. Read more

On Coaching

Coaching is not something you do to the athlete; it is something you do with the athlete. It is a cooperative venture, a partnership. Never lose sight of the twenty-four hour athlete concept. The athletes we work with train for two to four hours a day. It is a fundamentally unbalanced equation because the other twenty to twenty two hours have more of an impact on the athlete’s success or failure in their chosen sport than the training time. Read more

The Coaching Process

Coaching is a process. There are no formulas or algorithms. It is quite straightforward, the process of coaching has a strong foundation in pedagogy, supported by science, forged in practice-based experience, proven & tested in the competitive arena. Read more

Focus on the Process – The Pursuit Of Excellence Has It’s Own Rewards

Foundational Beliefs #3 Focus on the Process  – The Pursuit Of Excellence Has It’s Own Rewards

It is so easy to get caught with results either in training and competition and lose sight of the process. The process is the how, the means of getting to the desired end result. Read more


The last two posts I talked about old and new stuff today I am going to talk about plain old stuff. We all do stuff. The bottom line is do you know why you do the stuff you do? Are you just copying someone else’s stuff because it works for them? Take ownership of the stuff you do, know why you do it, and know why it works. Read more

New Stuff

Yesterday I wrote about old stuff, but what about new stuff? I am certainly always on the lookout for new stuff. That being said I have very strict criteria when I evaluate new stuff to include in the system. The key word here is the system. Over 44 years of coaching I have evolved a system, before I add new stuff to the system I want to make sure it is better than something I am already using. Read more

Old Stuff

Yesterday I was going through some old files (Actual paper – Quite analog!) of workouts and training ideas. As systematic as I try to be I could not help asking myself why I had gone away from some of the things I saw there. I was also struck with the thought that some of the stuff that had not worked then would be perfect for a situation I am working with now. Read more

The Coaching Process

Coaching is a process that has a deep foundation in pedagogy (Science of teaching), supported by science, forged in experience, proven and tested in the competitive arena. At its essence coaching is teaching and the coach’s classroom is the track, the pool or the gym. To be truly effective as a coach it is important to remember it is not something you do for a couple of hours a day, it is something you are. Read more

Coaching – A Process

Coaching has been my life’s focus. I have had great role models and coaching mentors to guide me on this journey. I know it takes passion, commitment and focus, it also demands balance in your life if you want to be truly effective. Technical knowledge and proficiency is a given, that is the easy part. What exactly is coaching? Read more