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Training do’s and don’ts #3: Warmup and cooldown

Warm-up and cooldown are essential parts of the whole training process. It is helpful to think of the warm-up as preparation for training and cooldown as a reset to prepare the body for the next training sessions. The workout begins with the warm-up! The subsequent training sessions do not actually begin with that sessions warm-up rather it begins with prior sessions cooldown. Conceptually this is based on the unity of training sessions and that no workout stands alone.

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Vern Gambetta


If you are doing so-called finishers – Whether they are heavy sled pulls or sets to exhaustion, anything in the form of a so called “gut check” to make the athlete tougher – Think again and ask yourself what you are doing? Why are you doing them? In all probability you are negating the effects of the previous segments of the workout by doing something totally incompatible and contradictory to what came before. Read more

Rethinking Cooldown

Let take a close look at the cooldown. Obviously it comes at the end of the workout. Too often it is an after thought consisting of some mindless activities to get rid of lactate or some such nonsense. Instead it should be considered an integral part of the training session. Read more