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GAINcast Episode 152: The evolution of a coach

Vern is entering his 50th year as a coach. On this episode he looks back at how his coaching has evolved. More specifically, he looks at when he started asking different questions during different stages of his career and how that helped him improve his coaching. Read more

GAINcast Episode 129: Lessons for young coaches

All young coaches make mistakes. That is part of the learning process and we sure made our fair share of them. But there is no need to make the same mistakes we made. On this episode of the GAINcsat we reflect on lessons we have learned and share some advice for young coaches. Read more

Following the Flock

You can follow the flock and do the latest Topsy Turvy method that promises to raise GH levels if hold your breath for a minute after each set or the Dipsy Do training that uses repeat 50 meter sprints to train for a marathon. Read more

Stop and Think

Before the day starts today take a minute and reflect. Read more