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The break down: 3 keys to Matty Denny’s technique

We’re starting a new series here on HMMR Media focusing in detail on throwing technique. There are a lot of sites and YouTube channels that break down the technique of elite throwers. With this series we aim to do things differently: break down technique in the words of the athletes and coaches.

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HMMR Podcast Episode 309: Feeling the throw (with Matthew Denny)

Diamond League discus champion Matthew Denny is one of the best all-around throwers in the world, having won Commonwealth medals in both the discus and the hammer throw. He’s also on of the best big time performers, having thrown personal bests at the Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and Diamond League finals in recent years. He credits both his all-around success and peaking ability to his ability to feel the throw, a skill he developed over countless reps of trial and error. On this week’s episode he talks about how to develop feeling, what he feels in his throw, his current technical focus, and some surprising parallels between the discus and the hammer.

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Peaking and periodization: are we doing things wrong?

If you watched the recent World Championships it was hard not to notice the performance levels were down. The competition was exciting, but the winning marks were nothing to write home about. Take the shot put, for example. After a year of amazing performances and talk of the world record, only two of 32 athletes threw a season’s best. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 121: The Peak Master (with Dale Stevenson)

At this year’s World Championships Tom Walsh emerged as the surprise champion in the shot put. Insiders, however, were caught slightly less off guard as Walsh has been the most consistent big meet performer over the past few years. On this week’s episode his coach Dale Stevenson comes back on the show to discuss training both the mental and physical dimensions of peaking and how coaches can create processes to continue to improve even at the highest level. Read more