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Body of Work

It is no secret that I am a big fan of late 1980s NBA basketball. In my opinion, these days are the apex of the league and one team had an unmatched zenith of competency and dominance, the 1985-86 Boston Celtics. The main catalyst for this team’s summit of competitive greatness was their leader, Larry Bird. Today many applaud Steph Curry’s work ethic and skill proficiency. While he is very good right now we should remember he was influenced by Kobe Bryant, who was influenced by Michael Jordan, who was influenced by Larry Bird. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 47: Testing

There is no such thing as evidence-based training without the evidence. Evidence for coaches comes from feedback. And a key form of feedback are performance tests. On this week’s episode we discuss how to get the most out of testing in training. Read more

The Detective Coach

We have mentioned Stuart McMillan’s coaches guide to strength development. It is an ongoing series on strength development that is a must read for all coaches. Along the way he has had some great contributions from Matt Jordan, who also recently joined us on the HMMR Podcast. And for the seventh part in the series he asked me to contribute to give an example of smart data collection in practice. Read more

Exercises, Data, and Bondarchuk

I few weeks ago I posted my first article in the series I am writing for Freelap USA on training with Bondarchuk’s methods. In that article I laid out the basic terms Bondarchuk uses. On Friday Freelap posted my second article, which goes into more detail about how to choose exercises and collect data in the system. Read more

Bridging the Gap in Data Collection

There has been an explosion of data in sport over the past few years, but if you look at it the data centers on two areas: what happens on the field and what happens in the weight room. These are areas where data has always been readily available, and new technologies often focus on acquiring even more detailed and tangential data in these areas. What is ignored in this whole process is the huge gap between the field and the weight room. Historically not much data has been available in that gap, but if data collection is about finding data that we can use to improve training, then why are we ignoring a crucial element of training like specific strength training? Read more

Sport Performance – Tangible Intangibles

You can measure it; you can define it with precise algorithms – But then there is competition day. Competition is random and chaotic; there is the human element that adds tremendous variability and unpredictability to the equation. Read more

The Antifragile Athlete

I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but I finally sat down with Nassim Taleb’s bestselling book Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder earlier in the month. I’ve given the book some time to settle and it has already influenced my thoughts on training more than any of the training-related books I have read recently. Read more

Does Winning Make You A Good Coach?

calipariMarch Madness started last week and, according to my brother-in-law and many experts, we might as well hand the University of Kentucky the title already. I haven’t followed college basketball as much since moving to Europe, but the University of Kentucky and its coach, John Calipari, are divisive topics. College basketball is changing and the University of Kentucky is at the center of the storm. I’m not here to make the argument for or against Calipari’s coaching abilities, but what I find interesting is that there is even a debate at all. Read more

Measurable Immeasurables

One of the keys to growing and enhancing coaching ability is learning to measure the immeasurable. Honestly I have not lost my mind; hear me out on this one. The measurables are given, distance, time, tonnage, intensities, heart rate, lactate measurement etc. From the first day of coaching you can get those, but there is more. It took me a few years to understand this. Observing some great experienced coaches enabled me to see and understand it is the Immeasurables that often make the most difference. Read more

Trampled in the Rush

I get the very distinct feeling that in the rush to embrace analytics and all its permutations that coaches are being trampled in the rush. Does anyone else think we need to stop for a minute and take a deep breath and ask where we are going here? Analytics are very seductive, but we need to ask some hard questions. What exactly are we learning? What is real in the numbers and what is manufactured? Is the data valid and reliable? Who is asking the questions that are driving the analysis? What is their bias and experience? How much input do the coaches, athletic development coaches and sports medicine staff have in the formulation and subsequent interpretation of the data? Is the information actionable or just curious? Read more