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Building sustainable performance excellence: ideas from Eddie Jones

Below are components of building a championship team, grounded in the values of pride, respect and courage. Important it to live those values not just speak to them.

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GAINcast Episode 277: Books, travels, and Olympic preparations

On this week’s GAINcast Vern shares his top 6 books of 2023, key insights after recent travels to Europe and Australia, plus thoughts as we look ahead at preparing for the 2024 Olympics.

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GAINcast Episode 204: Prepare for the game (with Eddie Jones)

Training is about preparing for the game. It’s a simple concept, but we often lose sight of that when we dive too deep into tactics, strength training, or other facets of training. English Rugby coach Eddie Jones tries to bring this concept to the forefront in his training. Everything they do comes back to the game. The structure of practice, the mental preparation, and fitness training all are designed with the game demands as the central focus. He joins this week’s GAINcast to walk us through is approach to preparing athletes.

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England Rugby and the art of coaching

It was just past noon and I was starving. After taking an early train from central London to Pennyhill Park and spending all morning on the rugby pitch, I was ready to eat. I loaded up a plate full of chicken teriyaki and noodles, but as I sat down Eddie Jones asked me a question before I could get a bite in: “So, Martin, what gives you an edge in the hammer throw?” Read more

Eddie Jones – Building Sustainable Performance Excellence – Part Two

After going through the Japan Way, Eddie Jones then went onto to detail the Five Components of Building a Championship Team but before that he underscored the Japan Way values of Pride, Respect and Courage and  how important it was to live those values not just speak them. Read more

Eddie Jones – Building Sustainable Performance Excellence – Part One

Eddie Jones is coach of the Japanese Rugby team that has shaken the rugby world by their performances at the 2015 world cup highlighted by their opening match upset of South Africa, a real David slays Goliath moment. This was arguably one of the greatest upsets in sports history. None of this happened by chance. Last Sunday in Rome at the 2015 IFAC (International Festival of Athletic Coaching) Conference Eddie presented his ideas on what it takes to build and sustain excellence. Below are some of the highlights of his presentations with my comments in italics. In my estimation Eddie is one of the ten best coaches in any sport in the world now. This man gets it and he produces excellence. Read more