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HMMR Podcast Episode 297: Finding your space (with Patryk Bielawski)

Designing the perfect training space is as much about the thought you put into it as the equipment you purchase. It’s more about finding the space you need rather than building the space you want. On this week’s podcast Patryk Bielawski of innovative equipment manufacturer Bridge Built joins us to look at factors to consider when putting together your own space so that you can get the most out of it.

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HMMR Podcast Episode 296: It depends

Perhaps the two most important words in programming are: it depends. We often focus on the exercise or structure, forgetting about the context. How do you train before a competition? It depends. Are speed ladders good or bad? It depends. Are kettlebells or dumbbells better? It depends. On this week’s episode we talk about variety of training topics and try to answer the question of what it depends on.

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HMMR Podcast Episode 293: Inside the academy (with Taylor Lorbiecki)

Coaching at a military academy presents some unique challenges. In addition to preparing athletes to compete at a high level in their sport, strength coaches are also involved in the physical education program, basic training, and more. On this week’s episode coach Taylor Lorbiecki joins us to talk about some of her creative solutions she’s implemented at the Air Force Academy.

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Medicine ball myths and truths

The term medicine ball was coined by Robert J. Roberts in 1876. He had been inspired by one of the stories in Arabian Nights where an Eastern Potentate was advised by his physician to toss a large, soft ball of herbs a certain number of times a day until ‘he did sweat.’ Movement was being recommended as medicine back in ancient times. Roberts made a ball weighing 7-8lbs and sewn like a baseball. He then recommended a series of exercises in his work with the Y.M.C.A. that included lifting, circling and throwing the medicine ball. 

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HMMR Podcast Episode 74: Equipment

Nick recently went through the process of remodeling and expanding his school’s weight room and he learned some valuable lessons on getting the most out of your equipment in managing the project. In this episode we discuss the most essential equipment for training, getting the best bang for your buck, and how facility layout can make your equipment useful or useless. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 54: Building a Home Gym

Every athlete and coach dreams of setting up their own home gym. Both Nick and I have experience setting up home gyms and on this episode we share our tips in putting together an effective and inexpensive solution to train whenever you want. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 18: Tools of the Trade

What do you look for when you are buying some new implements or training equipment? After a a record-length podcast last week, Nick and I have a quick chat covering of what we are looking for when shopping for new stuff. Whether it relates to feeling, quality, or durability, we have some tips for you. Read more

Hammer Review: Ziolkowski Premium Hammer

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I like to make even my smallest competitions a little special. The routine of putting on my uniform and picking up my competition hammer lets my body know that it is time to step it up. Part of this is saving my nicest, best hammer for use in competitions only. It is a treaty to be able to throw it. Once it gets in my hands I feel like I can do anything with it.

The Premium Szymon Ziolkowski Line hammers from Polanik.

This year Polanik gave me one of their Premium Szymon Ziolkowski Line hammers to throw. I wanted to make sure I had thrown it enough before giving my feedback, but after one season and a dozen competitions I feel like I can finally give a good assessment of it. Read more

Finding the Right Hammer

This article from the HHMR Media archives is being provided as a free preview. For access to other archived articles from Bingisser’s Blog and additional premium content from other authors, become a member now.

Autumn is the time of year that most people work on three things: technique drills, heavy weight training, and heavy hammers. While our annual planning model doesn’t follow that same route, I am in the middle of a training block where I am throwing just the heavy 9-kilogram (19.8-pound) hammer. In this respect, hammer throwers around the world are ahead of the other event groups. I know many shot putters that throw only the competition weight hammer, out of fear for ruining their rhythm. I know others that might dabble only with light shot puts. But it seems the majority avoid heavy shot puts. It is a similar story in other events. Despite this, it can still be difficult to find training hammers in various weights.

This post is not about rehashing why this is an important part of training (the two main reasons are: overweight implements help develop special strength and, as I pointed out again last week, training variation is critical). What it is about is how to find the best implements to train with. After nearly a decade of training in Seattle I had amassed a personal arsenal of perhaps 30 hammers with 18 different weights ranging from 2-kilogram to 16-kilogram (plus an adjustable weight hammer I inherited from Ken Shannon). Now that I have moved to Zurich I have slowly been increasing my club’s inventory with the help of Polanik. This is essential to becoming a good hammer thrower. Even if you focus on the weight throw throughout the winter(which again, I am not a fan of), it is still helpful to have a variety of weights to use so that you can work on different aspects of the throw. Read more

Ask Martin Vol. 3: Make your own hammers

Question: I was looking online and asking other throwers where they get their equipment. Because most of us are bargain-looking buyers when it comes to training I was wondering if you could start a thread somewhere where we could all share how/where we get our hammers from. -Freddie Hannie
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