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Failure and risk

In order to succeed you must take risks, you must operate well out of your comfort zone. Risk implies that there is a chance of success or failure. Most of what holds coaches and athletes back from achieving ultimate success is not fear of failure, but fear of success. If they succeed, then they must do it again and probably be expected to do it better. This brings pressure, most of which is self-imposed. Read more

GAINcast Episode 71: Peak Performance Part 2 (with Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness)

On part one of our interview with Peak Performance authors Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness we covered the stress-growth formula and productivity strategies like single-tasking. On this week’s GAINcast we continue the discussion to discuss how skills come from struggling, sleep, the role of focus and thought in performance, and more. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 108: GAINz

Earlier this month Nick and I made the annual pilgrimage out to Vern Gambetta’s GAIN event in Houston. With leading coaches and specialists from a wide variety of fields, it was a great idea to exchange ideas about training with faculty members like John Pryor, Steve Magness, Bill Knowles, Jimmy Radcliffe, Michael Joyner, Vern Gambetta, and more. On this episode of the podcast we discuss the highlights and take aways from each day of the event. Read more

Failure – A viable option?

I find it interesting how popular failure has become. Experts are writing books about how important failure is. There are blog post and comments galore. Hate to say I told so, but I discovered how important failure was over fifty years ago. I was a thirteen-year-old ninth grader and I failed miserably in school. A grade of C was a good grade, heck I could not even take PE maybe my only chance to get above a C because of Osgood Slaughters disease in my knees. Many people wanted to define me as a failure but thank God my parents did not, nor did I. My failure in Math and English drove me. I needed to figure out a way. Read more