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It’s Still Just A Number

6a00e5521cccd0883401b7c6f8e19a970b-320wiIn many ways the rush to gather numbers in the guise of monitoring and measuring training and competition fascinates me but I have many questions. Is this a fad that will pass? It certainly has created many jobs and a big buzz in the media, but what does it all mean? Read more

Meaningful Measurement

Just because it is convenient or easy to measure some physical quality does mean that the measure is meaningful. If you do measure it (whatever it is) make sure it is meaningful and will yield actionable results or don’t waste the time measuring it. Gathering random numbers that look cool on graphs does not make the athlete better. Read more

Did I Miss Something?

Didn’t the US make it to quarterfinals of 2002 World Cup & lose in a hard fought game to Germany, the eventual runner-up? Why has everyone chosen to ignore this? That was great team effort! Those players were fit and fast and prepared to play. Read more