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HMMR Podcast Episode 284: Eccentric training (with James de Lacey)

Eccentric training has gained a lot of attention over the past few years. The benefits of eccentric training have always been clear; what has been difficult is finding ways to practically implement it. On this week’s podcast James de Lacey joins us to discuss some easy ways you can implement eccentric training into your program, ideas on flywheel training, preparing for combat sports, concussions, and more.

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GAINcast Episode 246: Preparing for load (with Chris Chase)

Load management is a hot topic with evolving viewpoints in many sports, especially basketball. A few years ago coaches seemed to think of loads as a poison to be avoided, but many coaches are advocating a new paradigm instead: loads are best managed when you are prepared for them. Chris Chase of the Memphis Grizzlies joins this week’s GAINcast to discuss how he prepares athletes for the demands of the long NBA season, including his use of some non-traditional methods such as flywheel training and constrained movements to find stimulus during the season.

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Developing explosive power with creative solutions for eccentric overload

For decades research has shown numerous benefits for pure strength, speed, and power athletes. Practically speaking, however, it is not always easy to implement eccentric work into training. Achieving eccentric overload with traditional strength training is a pain. Having multiple spotters or adjusting weight releasers are typical forms of accentuating the eccentric phase during compound exercises like the squat or bench press. But the complications involved in eccentric training have left it as an afterthought to many coaches. Advances in flywheel and other technologies are starting to not only make eccentric training more accessible, but allow for new methods of eccentric training. Below I will overview eccentric training, its key benefits, and then share some ideas on how to achieve it using flywheel devices.

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