Introducing weightlifting to juniors

There are few things in coaching as rewarding as helping a young person achieve something for the first time: a forward roll, a cartwheel, leaping over a hurdle or standing up with a weight above their head. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Conversely, there are few things in coaching as difficult as coaching a group of young people whose minds and bodies are going through the turmoil of puberty and school and socialization. In this article I shall outline some of the coaching and technical ideas that I use when coaching juniors.

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A reflection and thank you

In the coaching profession it is said that the measure of a coach is the ability to have their athlete or team ready on the day. I can’t say enough about the job coach Brent Arckey did getting Emma Wyant ready for the 400 IM at Olympic Trials. Not only did she win but also swam a lifetime best – that is being ready on the day!

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HMMR Podcast Episode 250: The ultimate Olympic Trials throws preview

It seemed like the Olympics might never arrive, but all of a sudden the tryouts for the world’s best team are here. That’s right, the US Olympic Trials start this week and we’ve got an in depth preview of all the throwing events together with guest Kibwé Johnson. In addition to sharing our predictions, we also discuss format changes in the field events, what makes a championship environment different, the resurgence of American hammer throwing, and much more.

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Stop and think

Why do we persist in prescribing exercises that isolate individual muscles? Instead, we should be focusing on the coordination of movements and muscle synergies that involve those muscles.

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Three effective alternatives to Olympic lifting

Throughout my coaching career I have come to understand that the majority of coaches who work in athletic development can be divided into two categories. On the one side there are those who feel the Olympic lifts are the end-all-be-all to training. They often think that in order to be successful you must do the Olympic lifts. On the other side are those coaches who feel that the Olympic lifts are only necessary for those who compete in Olympic lifting. These coaches don’t necessarily use any type of Olympic lifting or variations of Olympic lifting in their training.

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Sports Science Monthly – June 2021

Every month we take a deep dive into the latest research in sports science. In this month’s edition we look at research on transitioning from athlete to coach, developing psychological resilience, creating a safe learning environment, pacing, and much more.

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What is your filter?

What is your filter for differentiating “sports science fiction” from valid & valuable sports science research & content?

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Just thinking: some random thoughts on training and life

Some thought about training and life:

  • The higher you progress in sport the faster everything happens. When they talk about the speed of the game it is true. You have significantly less time to make decisions and act or react.
  • Forget barriers, they are artificial, mental contracts that hold you back. Instead think of frontiers to conquer. Keep pushing into the unknown, unexplored territory.
  • Stay essential: focus on what will make you better. Getting tired is not training.
  • In sprinting forget segmenting the sprint stride into front side and back side instead focus on the reciprocal cyclic scissor action of both legs. Can’t separate front side and back side.
  • “Attitude is a choice” Ron Adams, Assistant Coach, Golden State Warriors
  • Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.
  • Don’t let school interfere with your education.
  • Unlearning may be just as important as learning
  • “The note next to the one you think is bad corrects the one in front.” Miles Davis
  • Also write your training plan in pencil.

GAINcast Episode 217: At the apex (with Sasha Rearick)

Sasha Rearick is turning a corner in his career. After a decade as head U.S. men’s alpine coach and two decades with the federation, he’s starting a new job guiding on of the world’s top ski academies. He’s bringing with him all the experience and lessons he’s learned throughout his career and joins this week’s podcast to discuss the demands of skiing and his approach to preparing the world’s top skiers.

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May 2021 in review: medicine ball training

The site theme in May was medicine ball training. As one of the most versatile training tools available, there is a lot you can do with a medicine ball. Throughout the month we shared some practical examples of how top coaches are using medicine ball training, as well as programming tips. Below we have links to all our new and archived content on the topic, including 5 new articles, 2 new videos, and 2 new podcasts from 8 contributors.

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