Why the Average Female Will Never Get “Bulky”

female-21In my job I have the privilege of working with many female athletes on a daily basis. One of their biggest complaints when we start hard and heavy weight lifting program is their fear of bulking up and looking like a guy. I am here to dispel that myth and inform you why that will not happen.
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What You Don’t Want to Hear But Should Probably Read: Alcohol and Weight Loss.

Alcohol and weight loss are often enemies, but an occasional drink can have a place in a healthy lifestyle. In fact, many experts note the potential health benefits of consuming a single drink per day, including a reduced risk for high blood pressure. If, however, you are a like the normal young care free adult, when you go out for a drink it usually turns into 1 drink repeated 8-15 times over the course of 5-6 hours.
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Why Cardio Sucks and Why You Aren’t Losing Weight Doing It

nola-steady-cardio1Many people go to the gym with one thing on their mind: the treadmill. The treadmill is a great tool to help improve conditioning and general health but when it comes to reshaping your body composition it is very ineffective. Here are some interesting reasons why cardio machines suck most of the time. Read more

Is Your Daily Workout Making You Sick?

One of the major reasons people work out is for the health benefits exercising is associated with. Whether it’s lowering cholesterol levels or simply shedding a few pounds here and there we can all agree exercise is beneficial in our daily life. But how much is too much and can it be making you sick? I got on this topic after doing some research for my baseball players in regards to the myth that pitchers need to run long distance after a start to “flush” the system. Which, by the way is not true and will simply make the pitcher slower by promoting slow twitch muscle fiber activation as well as extremely tight in muscles in places a pitcher shouldn’t be tight in. Read more

Why Sugar Makes You Fat

sugar-addictionIn today’s society people are obsessed with juices, smoothies, fancy coffee drinks, and pretty much anything else sweet. Little do most know the sugar content of these eats and treats will make you fatter than eating something of higher fat content, but containing no sugar such as a steak or burger. One regular spoonful of sugar is equal to approximately 13 grams of sugar. With that being said take a look at the nutrition facts of your favorite Starbucks drink such as the Grande Frappuccino has 59 grams of sugar, or 4.5 spoon fulls of cane sugar.
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Maximizing the Benefits of Greek Yogurt

The yogurt industry has struck gold with the latest “Greek” yogurt trend. Read more

Carb Cycling

I have done carb cycling in the past and liked the results I had, but haven’t been following it as strict as I used to so I decided I would get back on it for something to do. Read more

Training Talk with Adam Nelson

Perhaps no athlete has had the high level consistency that Adam Nelson has demonstrated over the past 15 years. Since winning the NCAA title in 1997, Nelson went on to win a world championship and take second at three more. He has also captured two Olympic silver medals. Throughout this whole period many other shot putters come and went. Sydney Olympic champion Arsi Harju exited the international scene as quickly as he entered. Athens champion Yuriy Bilonog had a longer career but still failed to maintain form years later. Young talents like Janus Robberts never were able to make it on a podium, while others like CJ Hunter and Kevin Toth were sidelined by positive drug tests. But Nelson has continued to thrill crowds and with his win at last year’s US Championships he showed the world he will still be a contender in London at age 37.

I’ve always looked forward to watching him since I first saw him throw on TV at the 2000 Olympic Trials. His come from behind victory with a final attempt personal best was clutch, and his reaction was even better. He is known for the intensity he brings to the ring, but many people don’t know he brings that same intensity and success to all parts of his life. For example, he was an Ivy League graduate and holds an MBA from Virginia. He has also sought out and trained with the best coaches and was more than willing to share his thoughts with me. If you want to hear more from him, I suggest listening to the recent interview he gave on the Thrower’s Podcast. And be sure to support his sponsor Saucony, who plans to release its first throwing shoe this year.

Martin: Before we get to talk about training and throwing, I am very interested to hear what you are up to in your non-throwing life. In the past I’ve seen you involved with the Workout Source, a frozen yogurt venture, in addition to being a father. Have you been working on any new projects this year?

Adam: Yes, I recently accepted a position as Director of Sports Performance for a new training center in Athens, Georgia. The facility is part of an expansion by team of surgeons, physical therapists, physician assistants, and athletic trainers. The sports performance center will offer elite athletes a complete offering of performance enhancing services and access to world class coaches like Don Babbitt at the University of Georgia. The Athens Orthopedic Sports Performance Center will open in the fall of this year.
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At a Glance

I’ve had a few people recommend I start writing a blog so I’m going to give it a shot. Read more

Finding Yourself In The Ring

teahupoo-millenium-wave-02[1]Last week I watched the documentary Riding Giants… Go here for the trailer, here for the whole movie.

Man, do I have great respect for people who do what they love to do and the ‘it’ factor that makes the brain go. Surfers talk about chasing the biggest swell as an experience. And you can see it in their faces as they speak about riding that wave. It’s amazing. It’s emotional. It’s something you’ll never forget. I’m from California, and I’ve never tried surfing, but as I was sitting there listening to these people share their feelings, I feel the same way.
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