Webster’s Dictionary defines failure as:

Main Entry: fail·ure
Pronunciation: \?f?l-y?r\
Function: noun
Etymology: alteration of earlier failer, from Anglo-French, from Old French faillir to fail
Date: 1643
1 a : omission of occurrence or performance; specifically : a failing to perform a duty or expected action <failure to pay the rent on time> b (1) : a state of inability to perform a normal function <kidney failure> — compare heart failure (2) : an abrupt cessation of normal functioning <a power failure> c : a fracturing or giving way under stress <structural failure>
2 a : lack of success b : a failing in business : bankruptcy
3 a : a falling short : deficiency <a crop failure> b : deterioration, decay
4 : one that has failed

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Will the Sauna Help Lose Weight?

saunachampionship-2Today’s topic covers one I get a few questions about but more importantly one I see numerous people taking part in every time I venture to my gym back home. The good old fashion sweat box—the sauna. The sauna is usually a popular hot spot, literally, for the mild to moderately obese male age 40-70, which gives you a little insight as to whether or not the sauna helps you lose weight. If it helped you lose any significant amount of weight, outside of water weight, these chubsters would likely be bean poles after all their years of sauna training. Let me address a couple issues surrounding the sauna, sweating, and some misconceptions and truths.
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Tricks and Tips to Shed Body Fat

heavyweight-manIt is approaching that time of year when college kids are thinking about spring break and the older generations are preparing for summer and likely the season of weddings, summer vacations, and poolside lounging. With this time of year comes the concern, “How will I look in my swim suit?” or “Will my arm look like a 12lb tube of ground beef in these wedding pictures?” Well my goal with today’s blog post is to offer up a few simple things you can do to help shed some of that pesky body fat. Many people go to the gym day after day and work their tail off with little to no results to show for their hard work. This may be because they wrap up their evenings with a tub of ice cream and a season of One Tree Hill, or it might just be because they are making simple mistakes at some point throughout the day that are killing the effectiveness of their hard work.
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Why the Average Female Will Never Get “Bulky”

female-21In my job I have the privilege of working with many female athletes on a daily basis. One of their biggest complaints when we start hard and heavy weight lifting program is their fear of bulking up and looking like a guy. I am here to dispel that myth and inform you why that will not happen.
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What You Don’t Want to Hear But Should Probably Read: Alcohol and Weight Loss.

Alcohol and weight loss are often enemies, but an occasional drink can have a place in a healthy lifestyle. In fact, many experts note the potential health benefits of consuming a single drink per day, including a reduced risk for high blood pressure. If, however, you are a like the normal young care free adult, when you go out for a drink it usually turns into 1 drink repeated 8-15 times over the course of 5-6 hours.
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Why Cardio Sucks and Why You Aren’t Losing Weight Doing It

nola-steady-cardio1Many people go to the gym with one thing on their mind: the treadmill. The treadmill is a great tool to help improve conditioning and general health but when it comes to reshaping your body composition it is very ineffective. Here are some interesting reasons why cardio machines suck most of the time. Read more

Is Your Daily Workout Making You Sick?

One of the major reasons people work out is for the health benefits exercising is associated with. Whether it’s lowering cholesterol levels or simply shedding a few pounds here and there we can all agree exercise is beneficial in our daily life. But how much is too much and can it be making you sick? I got on this topic after doing some research for my baseball players in regards to the myth that pitchers need to run long distance after a start to “flush” the system. Which, by the way is not true and will simply make the pitcher slower by promoting slow twitch muscle fiber activation as well as extremely tight in muscles in places a pitcher shouldn’t be tight in. Read more

Why Sugar Makes You Fat

sugar-addictionIn today’s society people are obsessed with juices, smoothies, fancy coffee drinks, and pretty much anything else sweet. Little do most know the sugar content of these eats and treats will make you fatter than eating something of higher fat content, but containing no sugar such as a steak or burger. One regular spoonful of sugar is equal to approximately 13 grams of sugar. With that being said take a look at the nutrition facts of your favorite Starbucks drink such as the Grande Frappuccino has 59 grams of sugar, or 4.5 spoon fulls of cane sugar.
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Maximizing the Benefits of Greek Yogurt

The yogurt industry has struck gold with the latest “Greek” yogurt trend. Read more

Carb Cycling

I have done carb cycling in the past and liked the results I had, but haven’t been following it as strict as I used to so I decided I would get back on it for something to do. Read more