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HMMR Podcast Episode 50: Science in Sport (with Craig Pickering)

The more we understand the complexity of training, the more coaches need to stay up on the latest developments in sports science. Our in-house sports science expert and former Olympic sprinter Craig Pickering joins us on this week’s podcast to discuss how coaches should incorporate sports science into training, tips for taking the first step to learn about an intimidating field, and some recent research and trends he has been following. Read more

Can You Use Genetic Testing For Talent Identification?

Talent identification is often a hot topic within sports science and sports coaching. If you could find a way to identify people who have the ability to be elite, you could better focus your resources on them, increasing the chances of their success. It also means you can focus less resources on those that likely won’t make it, as cut-throat as that may be. In recent years, a conversation has started to occur regarding the use of genetic testing in talent identification. The thought process being that, if you test a promising athlete’s genes, you can see whether they have the genetic ability to be a world class athlete or not. Read more