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Off-ice speed training for on-ice performance

Physical performance for ice hockey requires that athletes possess well-rounded physical qualities such as speed, muscular strength and power, anaerobic an aerobic fitness, mobility, and stability given the multidirectional, high-intensity intermittent efforts of the game. These physical qualities also support the development of sport-specific skills such as skating, shooting, and passing the puck.

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Jack Skille Show Season 2, Episode 6: Season finale

Throughout season 2 of the show we’ve shared different perspectives on transitions. We’ve talked with people in different situations and on different paths. But over and over again the same themes start to emerge. On this week’s episode we bring things together by discussing some key takeaways and common themes from the season.

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Jack Skille Show Season 2, Episode 5: Molly Engstrom on losing control

Often, the longer you do something, the harder it is to stop. Molly Engstrom was at the top of women’s hockey for more than a decade, wining two Olympic medals and four world titles. When it finally came time to retire, it was painful to let go of the one thing she knew well in life. It can feel like you’re losing control. She joins this week’s episode to discuss dealing with the loss, regaining control, and finding purpose in chaos.

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Jack Skille Show Season 2, Episode 4: Blake Geoffrion on sudden change

Sometimes transitions are planned, other times they just happen. Blake Geoffrion’s was on the path to stardom when his professional hockey career came to an abrupt end with one hit. On this week’s episode of the Jack Skille Show he talks about his career and how he had to suddenly change course to find new dreams.

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Jack Skille Show Season 2, Episode 3: John Mitchell on moving on

On this week’s show John Mitchell discusses his NHL career, plus the difficulties of deciding when and how to move on.

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Jack Skille Show Season 2, Episode 2: Mike Fisher on finding purpose

Season 2 of the Jack Skille Show continues this week with former NHL star Mike Fisher as a guest. He talks about his decision to retire, finding purpose outside of hockey, transitioning to a new life, and starting his own brand. Read more

Periodization in uncertain times

A planned program of preparation is the foundation that elite performance is built upon. Under normal circumstances, a coach creates a strategic plan based on a variety of factors, the athlete then executes the plan, and results follow. Read more

Jack Skille Show Episode 10: Season finale

On Episode 10, we wrap up season 1 by looking back at our past episodes, and what we learned from talking to Olympians, NHL captains, elite coaches, and my father. In addition, we share our key thoughts on development and put together a checklist for what to look for in a successful development program. Read more

Jack Skille Show Episode 9: Steve Myrland on adaptable athletes

On Episode 9 of the Jack Skille Show we are joined by my former athletic development coach and mentor in all things physical Steve Myrland. After a long career with collegiate and NHL coaching experience, Steve Myrland always operates against the grain, and his approach provides a needed balance when discussing how to develop athletes. On this episode we talk about his background, training philosophy, and approach to developing athletes young and old. Read more

Jack Skille Show Episode 7: Craig Smith’s road to the pros

On Episode 7 of the Jack Skille Show we are joined by Craig Smith of the Nashville Predators. A fellow Madison native, Craig’s journey to the pros took many unique turns. He walks us through what it took to make it to the top. Read more