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I Hate Steel Handles

Every hammer thrower you meet will be quick to show you the callouses, blisters, and bruises on their left hand.  We aren’t looking for sympathy.  And even though I’ve written about this topic briefly before, I am not whining either.  Since we don’t tend to be the biggest of throwers, it is one way to show that we work just as hard.

Since moving to Kamloops, I have noticed that my hands have slowly gotten worse.  I’ve now added swollen to the list of ailments.  When talking with Kibwe last weekend, we realized we couldn’t even make a fist with our left hands  When I attempt to make one, my fingertips can’t even come within an inch of my palm.  Even using my other hand to squeeze my left hand together can’t get the job done.  The only thing I’m thankful for is that I’m right-handed, since I will surely have some arthritis to show for this in a few decades.
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Year in Review; Year in Preview

I have ended the year on a good note.  Coach Bondarchuk reduced my training volume to approximately 25 percent of its normal level this week.  The extra rest has paid off.  Today I threw 61 meters (200-00) with the heavy 8-kilogram (17.6-pound) hammer.  That is little more than one foot off of my personal best with that weight.  Add in six more months of training, a little warmer weather, and the adrenaline of competition, and hopefully some good throws will result in 2009.
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Mt. SAC Relays

After having a great week of training in the Arizona Sun, I competed at the Mt. SAC Relays this past Sunday. Things went well, but not quite as expected. At the end of my last practice before the competition, I fell and hurt my rib. The pain was minimal, but enough to throw off my rhythm. As the winner opened the competition with a world leading mark, I was struggling to make the finals. I luckily ended with a respectable mark of 65.32m (214-04), but am eager to compete at full strength so that I can continue what I think will be a great season. After returning to Seattle, I was happy to find out from my doctor that my rib is only severely bruised, and not broken. The pain should subside in the next three weeks, and in the meantime, I have adjusted my competition schedule for the coming weeks. Read more

November Update

I just published my first legal article today! If you have a weird interest with tax law like I do, check it out: Client-Auditor Communications and The Privilege Doctrines: An Analysis of United States v. Textron, 26 TAX MANAGEMENT WEEKLY REPORT (BNA) 1555 (Nov. 5, 2007). Besides that, training continues to go well. Because I was working this past summer, I was not able to train as much as I would have liked to. I also pinched a nerve in my lower back that slowed me down. Since I arrived back in town I not only found more time to train, but I also have been rehabilitating my back. The process is slow, but the good results are finally starting to return. I doubt I will compete indoors this season as the main goal will be the 2008 Olympic Trials in June. Read more