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Words of wisdom and inspiration from the two Bobs

Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, two great social philosophers and poets of the Twentieth century always inspire me with their words of wisdom. These two verses that I heard during my morning walk got my day moving ion the right direction.

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Some pearls from recent readings

Leonard Mlodinov talking to noble prizewinner Richard Feynman, as described in Feynman’s Rainbow P. 78: Read more

Staying fit in a pandemic: Vol. 16

Monday my spring break is over and I am back to school, although it will be a remote school. Writing these pandemic posts and filming these exercises and circuits has been an enjoyable way for me to spend an unexpected two weeks of mostly home stay. Thanks to my helpers! Read more

Staying fit in a pandemic: Vol. 10

As I did last Sunday, I am posting some inspiration instead of a workout. I originally posted this John Gardner piece in 2013. These words always challenge me. Because life is often about renewal I occasionally repost this in the spring time. With the first day of spring 2020 last Thursday and folks around the country house bound, I am finding this essay to resonate more than ever. Read more

200 quotes from 200 episodes (Part 1)

Back in April 2015 Nick Garcia and I started the HMMR Podcast. Last week, after more than four years of work, we published our 200th episode. During that time we’ve had on Olympic champions, world record holders, hall of famers. We’ve had on experts from a variety of backgrounds including coaching, strength training, sports science, nutrition, physical therapy, and more. Most importantly, we’ve learned a lot on the way and hope our listeners have too. Read more


Words create images and images create action. This quote from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg underscores the power of words: Read more

Words of Wisdom, Vol. 10

We might think of coaching as being about training methods, science, and physiology. But don’t forget that more than anything coaching is about communication. We are teachers: it does not matter how much you know if you are unable to convey it to your athletes. With that in mind, I assembled a few quotes I’ve jotted down on my notebook on the theme of language and communication. Read more

Why I Am Retiring From Coaching In 5 Years

An undeniable law of existence is that there is an expiration date to everything. You see this wisdom express in every text of spirituality across the globe. In Judeo-Christian traditions this truth is succinctly discussed in the the Old Testament in Ecclesiastes 3 which is commonly known as the “A Time For Everything” chapter. This truth is a focus in Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Native American traditions as well as numerous others. Many philosophers, scientists, and artist know this as well. The inescapable intelligence of term limits is a deep enteral wisdom. Why then it is common practice to coach with an open ended timeline? Read more

Stephen Hawking

Today is Stephen Hawking’s birthday. At age 21 he was given three years to live! Never give up! Read more

Great Advice

“Be natural, be you” was Sam Cooke’s advice to Otis Redding who was trying to imitate other soul singers. The rest is history; Redding had his own sound that we all know so well. Read more