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Words of Wisdom, Volume 9

With the holiday season here I am in a bit of a philosophical mood. So for this Words of Wisdom post I decided take a look at a few quotes that get to a key point at the heart of my own training philosophy. Read more

Monday Meditations on Excellence

Hard smart work is the price of admission for a chance to be the best. Read more

Coaching Tips from Chef Bobby Flay

bobby_flayYesterday I caught the end an interview with noted chef Bobby Flay. He offered two pearls of wisdom that I found very appropriate for coaches. Read more

Vern Sitting

Seeing Things Differently

Are you seeing what you want to see or what is actually happening? There is an old aphorism that is particularly appropriate: “You don’t need to see different things, but rather to see things differently.” Today take a minute and look at what you are doing and try to see it differently. Read more

What Matters

As we start a new year just a brief reflection on what matters in coaching. As coaches we do not coach sports, we coach people who participate in sports. The human element, seeing the athlete grow athletically and as people is what makes coaching so rewarding. Records, wins and championships pale into insignificance as time passes; it is the relationships that are remembered, the struggle not the triumph. Take a moment today and reflect on how you coach and teach.
Read more

Where are you looking?

I took liberty to paraphrase this old story that has many versions: Read more

Changing the World

The challenge of the day is: What are you doing today to change your world? Notice I did not the world I said your world. It is the only world you have the power to change on a daily basis. Your world is the people, places, and situations within your physical and vitual reach, that which you have the power to control. Too often we allow outside influences change our world. Read more

The Bowerman Influence

Bill Bowerman had a huge influence on my decision to be a track coach. In the winter of 1968; my senior year in college at Fresno Sate Bowerman came to speak as the featured speaker at the first ever Fresno Sate Track & Field Clinic, he was brought to Fresno by Red Estes, assistant track coach at Fresno State (later to be head coach) who had competed at the University of Oregon under Bowerman. What can I say; Bowerman was Bowerman, passionate, direct to the point, outspoken and strong in his beliefs. Read more

Odds and Ends

I am enamored on what it takes to be the best, to be great, to sustain excellence. This interview with Smokey Robinson on NPR gives some insights into what has enabled this man to sustain excellence for forty plus years. He works at his craft everyday. He runs everyday and has been doing yoga for thirty-five years he finds it fuels his creativity. He has a new album Smokey and Friends. I find it interesting that he like Willie Nelson and others who have every reason to rest on their laurels continue to produce great work. Powerful inspirational message to keep learning keep growing and keep creating. Read more


Looking for the answer? Gertrude Stein had it right when she wisely said: “The answer is there is no answer.” Read more