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GAINcast Epiosde 74: What’s Your Filter?

The information age has brought access to loads of information, but more information can sometimes just make it harder to find something of value. Coaches need a filter to sift through the information. On this episode of the GAINCast we discuss tools and shortcuts we use to evaluate information online. Read more

More Colleagues Responses to Beware The Keyboard Coaches

Dear all,

The amount of professionals around these days that have the wisdom, balls and credibility to email such a ‘rant’ are few and far between. Thanks Vern. Read more

Colleagues Responses to Beware The Keyboard Coaches

Hi All. I couldn’t agree more. We see short cutters in all sport and the arts today. I will answer in depth in a couple of hours. In swimming we observe coaches conducting practices for developing age groupers without the correct measure of SKILLED aerobic backgrounds of technique muscle memory and sustained motor pathway learning. In preference to preparing non sprint white fibered athletes like they are a senior high performance athletes with “entertainment” practices of the multi vitamin tablet approach where there is a little of everything but nothing of anything especially sustained skills and technique under competition pressure and fatigue. Every one wishes to be a sprinter and no sprinters or would be sprinters wish to be endurance athletes. We have compromised our talented middle distance and distance talent and some sprint talent to this concept. Read more

Beware The Keyboard Coaches

I sent this post to many of my colleagues – over the next few days I will post their comments and reactions (here and here). I think you will find it informative and enlightening. Some of these people are icons in coaching; all who responded are coaches who are coaching – no keyboard coaches. Read more