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GAINcast Episode 262: The sprint lab (with Emily McClelland)

The SMU Locomotor Performance Lab is at the cutting edge of researching practical questions on sprinting and jumping. On this week’s GAINcast Emily McClelland joins us to discuss her latest research on vertical jumping and sex differences in short sprints.

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May/June 2022 in review: jumping

Throughout May and June we looked at team at jumping. Our team of contributors put together 1 new video lesson, 4 new podcasts and 6 new articles on the topic from 9 contributors. Find links to both our new and archived resources on jumping below.

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A guide to jumping for throwers

When I think of jumping for throwers, Werner Günthör is the first athlete that comes to mind. The 130-kilogram Swiss shot putter could almost fly and this explosive strength helped him capture three world titles. Jumping is perhaps the ultimate expression of power and can play an integral role in preparing throwers. But as with anything, it needs to be adapted to the needs of the sport and athlete, especially in a sport whether athletes can be massive. Below are a few considerations for integrating jumps into the physical preparation of throwers.

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