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Back to Training

While the Weltklasse Zürich Diamond League bills itself as the “Olympics in a day”, it is hardly a one-day event. For me, the action began on Tuesday as I coached some kids to throw medicine balls and toy javelins with Valerie Adams at the Weltklasse Zürich Kids Clinic.

On Wednesday I attended the “Big Shot” shot put competition with Kibwe. For the second year in a row, the shot put competition was held one day before the main meet and placed in the center of Zürich’s main train station. With over 350,000 people a day passing through there, it made for a packed and energetic venue. We produced a video for Flotrack (see below) showing a behind the scenes look at the venue, the competition, and the competitors. The competition was thrilling. Valerie Adams controlled the women’s competition until Nadzeya Ostapchuk took a brief lead. Adam responded for the win. The podium for the meet (and the final podium for the overall Diamond Race) were the same as in Daegu. The men’s competition was very close and the top five throwers were nearly within a foot of each other. Reese Hoffa led for much of the competition before a struggling Ryan Whiting found his technique in the final round. Then, on his last attempt, my old training partner Dylan Armstrong responded for the win. His first place also secures a victory in the Diamond Race for him. Young Swiss shot putter Gergori Ott also got to throw with the big boys and set a new national under 18 record of 20.00 meters with the 5-kilogram shot put.

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Just Married

As of August 14, 2011, I have a new ball and chain. After nearly three wonderful years together, I am proud to call Kate my wife. Let’s all welcome Kate to the hammer throwing family. You’ll see me drag her along to track meets for years to come, but first I’ll be dragging her off to a 10-day honeymoon in the morning. Amazingly, I will leave my hammer behind and thankfully I shouldn’t experience too many symptoms of withdrawal since I couldn’t help training on the day of the ceremony. Read more

Hammer Throw Media Blitz

From a recent profile in the Zürich 2 newspaper. Photo by Lorenz Steinmann.

Right after the Swiss Championships I hopped on a plane to America, where I am now preparing for my wedding on Sunday. I took a three week vacation from work for the wedding and honeymoon (one of the benefits of working in Europe) and had planned on taking most of that time off of training. But after talking with coach Bondarchuk on Sunday, I will now only take a 10-day break. I am in great shape and he doesn’t want me to lose that before starting my training back up again. That means I am trying to squeeze in a few training sessions before the wedding and then will relax on the honeymoon. Even though the break is shorter than planned, I think it is still my longest period of time off since 2007. A man of few words, he gave me a succinct reply after I presented him with a revised training schedule: “Okey. Heppe weding. M.B.”
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Love and Marriage

Kate and I at Lake Como this summer.

I don’t often talk about my personal life on this site, but sometimes the most personal things are the things most worth writing about.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to Kibwé and Crystal’s wedding. Throughout the day, Kibwé was giddy like a school boy and Crystal couldn’t have had a bigger smile behind her veil. Not only are they best friends (and the furthest throwing hammer throwing couple in the history of the world), they are also deeply in love and it showed. But, I have to admit, I was quite distracted the whole time.
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