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GAINcast Episode 221: The principles of performance (with Dr. Michael Joyner)

High performance comes in many forms: winning a gold medal, fighting a pandemic, or simply managing people. Dr. Michael Joyner has experience across all of these areas as a research on the limits of human performance, and the lead research on breakthrough COVID therapies. He joins this week’s podcast to share some insights on the principles of high performance.

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Training Talk With Dan Pfaff (Part 3)

For the past week I’ve been posting snippets of my training talk with coach Dan Pfaff of the World Athletics Center. I’ve spent time listing Pfaff’s numerous accomplishments over the past week, so this time I will just jump back in to the discussion. If you like what you read below, also check out the first or second part.

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» Part 1: Improving Technique and Finding Commonalities Between Events

» Part 2: Training, Intensity, and Density

» Part 3: Key Performance Indicators and Hammer Throwing

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