Leadership and Coaching

Last month I completed a lengthy leadership development program for my day job. Throughout the course of the last year we sat through many lectures and participated in various workshops to better understand leadership. Much of the time was spent on common sense principles, but the whole experience provided a good chance to reflect on a topic that is much deeper than it can initially seem.
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Embrace and Lead Change

Foundational Beliefs #4 Embrace and Lead Change

Nothing is more constant and more uncomfortable that change. I came to the realization many years that if change is constant, then as a coach I should take the initiative and lead change rather than react to it. In so many ways our success as coaches is defined by how well we manage change. Read more

Vern Gambetta

The Front Seat of the Bus

A couple of days ago one of my former White Sox players now beginning his career as a manager in the Orioles Minor League system posted a picture of himself sitting on the front seat of the bus, a traditional place for the head coach or manager to sit. It was great to see him sitting in that position because I know he has worked to earn it. I quickly sent a message off to him to wish him good luck and to not forget what is was to sit back where the players were sitting. Read more