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GAINcast Episode 75: Ask More, Tell Less (with Jim Richardson)

In nearly 30 years as head swim coach at the University of Michigan, Jim Richardson develop a powerhouse. Much of that success came from one thing: asking questions. On this week GAINcast we sit down with coach Richardson and hear how asking question led him to become a better coach, to rethink the athletic development of his athletes, to reduce injuries, and more. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 97: Extreme Ownership

A central tenant of strong leadership is being invested in and taking ownership of your team’s tasks. Coaches are in a leadership role, but unfortunately not all coaches are strong leaders. This week’s episode looks at the book Extreme Ownership by former Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and discusses what ownership means, what it is made of, and lessons coaches can use to improve their leadership. Read more

Eddie Jones – Building Sustainable Performance Excellence – Part Two

After going through the Japan Way, Eddie Jones then went onto to detail the Five Components of Building a Championship Team but before that he underscored the Japan Way values of Pride, Respect and Courage and  how important it was to live those values not just speak them. Read more

Episode 6: The Pep Talk Without the Talk

Everyone has that one athlete. They turn out for the team with a ton of talent but are constantly late, miss practice, or are just plain not focused. What can we do for them? On this week’s episode of the podcast Nick and I draw from our experience and discuss some ideas on how to get your athletes motivated to train with actions rather than words.

You can’t make an athlete want it, but you can show them what is worth wanting.

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Authentic Leadership – Marcus Mariota

Friday night when I was watching Pac 12 Championship Game between University of Oregon and University of Arizona the commentators were bloviating on and on about the only thing they and NFL scouts had questions about Marcus Mariota was his leadership ability. Why did they question his leadership? Because they felt he was not ”vocal” enough. What does that mean? He does not scream and holler and run around like a madman. He just leads! Read more

Leadership and Coaching

Last month I completed a lengthy leadership development program for my day job. Throughout the course of the last year we sat through many lectures and participated in various workshops to better understand leadership. Much of the time was spent on common sense principles, but the whole experience provided a good chance to reflect on a topic that is much deeper than it can initially seem.
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Embrace and Lead Change

Foundational Beliefs #4 Embrace and Lead Change

Nothing is more constant and more uncomfortable that change. I came to the realization many years that if change is constant, then as a coach I should take the initiative and lead change rather than react to it. In so many ways our success as coaches is defined by how well we manage change. Read more

Vern Gambetta

The Front Seat of the Bus

A couple of days ago one of my former White Sox players now beginning his career as a manager in the Orioles Minor League system posted a picture of himself sitting on the front seat of the bus, a traditional place for the head coach or manager to sit. It was great to see him sitting in that position because I know he has worked to earn it. I quickly sent a message off to him to wish him good luck and to not forget what is was to sit back where the players were sitting. Read more